List of Cameras

agfa karat36 German-made intermediate camera made of high-quality materials.
Argus C3 Rangefinder camera made in U.S.A. that has nicknames of "a lunch box" and "a brick".
Bolsey model B Standard model of Bolsey 35 series, made in U.S.A.
Canon Demi The half-frame 35mm camera with high function and performance.
Canonet The first popular-class camera released in 1961 by Canon.
Canon F1 High-quality camera that endures 100,000 picture-taking cycles, temperatures ranging from -30 C to 60 C, and 90% humidity.
Canon New F-1 The successor to the F-1 with high-level system AE. Various lens & accessories newly provided for this.
Canon Flex RM The last model in the Canon's first SLR camera series.
Canon 110ED Canon's high-quality 110 cartridge camera.
Canonflex RP Popular version of Canonflex, which was the first SLR camera by Canon.
Canon 7 Last rangefinder camera of Canon, and ultra-fast standard lens F0.95/50mm was developed for this camera.
Canon 4Sb Most sophisticated rangefinder camera of Canon.
Canon EX EE SLR camera that employs front group interchangeable system.
Canon AE-1 Canon's big-hit model. Winder-A provides automatic winding mechanism and continuous shooting mode.
Canon VI-T Rangefinder camera manufactured by Canon inc. with film wind trigger at the camera bottom.
Canon's SLR cameras are introduced here in chronological order.
System accessories for the New F-1 are introduced here.
CONTAFLEX SLR camera made by Zeiss-Ikon, another name is "Rapid".
Contaflex Super Contaflex series' camera with AE mechanism.
Exakta VX Camera with the film cutter fixed in the film room and the film can be cut by means of the cutter between photographing.
Fuji Pet 35 35mm format version of 6 x 6cm camera, "Fuji Pet".
Fujica 35M The camera wiht unique design that allows you to operate it only with your right hand.
GL690 professional 6x9cm format rangefinder camera manufactured by Fujica, Japan.
Fujica Mini Stylish half-frame 35mm EE camera developed targeting female users.
Super Speed Graphic Last model in the Speed Graphic series by Graflex, U.S.A.
Speed Graphic Press camera manufactured by GRAFLEX, U.S.A.
HasselBlad 500/CM Highest-class 6x6cm leaf-shutter SLR camera, provided with wide varieties of Carl-Zeiss lens and accessories.
HasselBlad 1000F The masterpiece of Hasselblad whose shutter speeds are stable from slow to the highest.
Horseman 970 Technical camera pursuing the all-around camera with various supplmentary systems.
Retina Ia The first Retina that joined the party of the cameras with modern mechanisms.
Retina 3c One of the most popular camera among the Retina series even for now.
Kodak-MEDALIST Small size 6x9 format camera which Eastman Kodak Co. developed for military use.
The lens, Ektar100mm/f3.5 is excellent.
No.0 Graphic High-quality box camera manufactured by Eastman Kodak Co.
No.3A FoldingBrownie Kodak's folding camera introduced in 1909.
Kodak SIGNET 40 Leaf-shutter camera introduced in 1956, as the SIGNET series.
RETINA REFLEX S SLR camera with interchangable S series lenses, introduced in 1959, by Kodak AG.
Konica IIb Popular version of Konica II introduced in 1955.
Konica I The first one among the Konica series that sold over 500,000 in ten years.
Konica FTA First camera in the world that equips with both automatic exposure and TTL metering.
Konica 3 Rangefinder camera that employed the film wind lever on the camera front for the first time in Japan.
Kowaflex 35E The second model in the Kowaflex series with the built-in selenium exposure meter.
Kowa SIX First 6x6cm format leaf shutter SLR camera in Japan.
Kowa Kallo 35F II Kowa's 35mm leaf-shutter camera. f2/50mm lens is attached to the base model, Kowa Kallo Wide.
Kowa SW Camera with a simple but a stylish appearance. 28mm lens is fixed on this camera.
Kowa Six MM 6x6cm leaf-shutter SLR camera with Mirror-up & Multiple-Exposure functions.
Kowa Super 66 Last model of Kowa Six series and also this is Kowa's last camera.
Kowa Six series 6x6cm format leaf-shutter SLR, Kowa Six series and accessories.
Leica M2 Inexpensive version of M3. 35mm frame is employed on this camera for the first time in M-type Leicas
Leica IIf The popular version of Leica IIIf without the slower shutter.
Leica M1 The simplified model of Leica M2 aiming the populalization of the Leica products.
Leica IIIG Last model of Screw-mount Leicas, that has 50mm/90mm bright-frame in the viewfinder.
LeicaFlex SL Leica's second SLR camera that employs TTL metering.
Leica M3 Masterpiece and the historic camera of all.
Linhof technika 23 One of the perfection models in Linhof's camera history.
Mamiya-35 III The basic model of Mamiya-35 released in 1957.
MAMIYA C33 The only 6x6cm format twin-lens reflex camera in the world that has the interchangable lens system.
Mamiya 16 Automatic One of two standards (another is Konan 16 Automat) of 16mm camera in Japan.
Mamiya-6 First product by Mamiya-OP, the masterpiece of 6x6cm format camera with back focusing system.
Mamiya Super 23 6x9 cm format press camera provided with various useful accessories./td>
Minolta A-2 One of the Minolta A series and the successor to Minolta Memo.
Yuniomat II Rangefinder camera with built-in follow-the-needle type exposure meter. Sold in the U.S under the name of Anscoset II by Ansco.
Kiev 30 & Minolta 16 Minolta 16 and its copy camera, Kiev 30.
Semi Minolta II8 The last model in Semi Minolta II series, manufactured around 1942 - 1943.
Minolta Autocord L Minolta's standard TLR camera, with brilliant Rokkor lens.
Minolta X-1 motor The flagship model of Minolta with motor drive.
Konan 16 Automat First 16mm camera of Minolta.
110 Zoom SLR mark 2 Upgrade version of 110 Zoom SLR. Looks like normal 35mm SLR camera.
110 Zoom SLR 110 cartridge SLR camera with zoom lens.
Minox B Detective camera made in West Germany, and first sold in 1958.
Minox TLX Flagship detective camera of Minox with a beautiful aluminum body cover.
Miranda G SLR camera with interchangable viewfinder and focusing screen systems.
Newman & Guardia
Baby Sibyl The first model among the Sibyl series manufactured by Newman & Guardia.
Nikon F Masterpiece of single-lens reflex camera that was manufactured for 15 years from 1959 to 1974 and sold 860,000 worldwide.
Nikomat FTN Best seller camera as the one excelled Nikon F in efficiency.
Nikon S3 The base model of Nikon's rangefinder camera, SP, S3M and S4. Reproduced in 2000.
Nikon SP Flagship of Nikon's rangefinder cameras
Nikomat EL Aperture-priority AE SLR camera and this is the first camera among the Nikon cameras that equips with the electric shutter.
Nikonos V Underwater camera durable to work to a depth of 50 meters (160 feet).
Nikon F2 Perfection of the mechanical shutter 35mm SLR camera among Nikon F series.
Nikon F3 One of the masterpiece of camera history. Camera body was designed by a world famous industrial designer, Girogetto Giugiaro.
Nikon photomic FTN Nikon F with photomic TN finder whose built-in meter couples with the shutter speed and the aperture.
Nikon F & New F History of Nikon F
Nikkor lens I Standard lens
Nikkor lens II Zoom lens
Nikon F3 AF Nikon's first AF SLR camera.
Nikon S First model of Nikon S series that made real debut on the international market.
Nikon S2 First Japan-made 35mm camera with interchangable lens system that employed the film wind lever and rewind crank.
Olympus OM-3 Ti The latest model in the OM series, mechanical shutter camera and covered with titanium body.
Olympus Chrome IV-A 6x6/6x4.5cm format folding camera with rangefinder.
Olympus XA The first 35mm camera of barrier-type in the world.
Olympus OM-1 Olympus' first SLR camera launched in 1972. Light & compact body realized on this.
Olympus OM-2 The second model in OM series incorporating TTL direct metering for the first time in the world.
Olympus OM-10 A popular model in OM series with direct metering, and aperture-priority AE mode.
Olympus OM-2 SP The last model in OM-2 series that employs programmed AE mode.
Olympus Pen FT Upgrade version of world-first half-frame 35mm SLR camera, Olympus Pen F.
Olympus Pen D Half-sized 35mm camera with the fast lens. Upgrade version of Olympus Pen.
Pentax SV Camera that had been a big seller for a long time on the domestic, and also world market.
Pentax Auto110 The smallest SLR camera in the world with sophisticated mechanisms.
Plaubel Makina II Compact sized 6x9 cm format clap camera manufactured by Plaubel, Germany.
Plaubel 69W ProShift 6 x 9cm camera enabling camera movements.
SX-70 Foldable single-lens reflex instant camera that uses Polaroid SX-70 land film.
Ricoh Caddy The first half-frame 35mm camera of Ricoh.
Steky Cute, compact sized 16mm format camera which was name after the japanese word "Steki" (Nice).
Ricohflex Super First Japan-made 6x6cm TLR camera adopted the front-element focusing system.
RICOH AUTOHALF Half-frame 35mm camera of lovely design.
RICOH 35S Rangefinder camera with film wind trigger at the camera bottom.
RolleiFlex SL26 Cute-looking compact camera uses 126 cartridge film.
Rollei 35TE One of the Rollei 35 series incorporates LED in the exposure meter.
Rollei B35 The popular version of the big seller, Rollei 35.
Rollei 35 Compact camera that gave an enormous shock in Japan where half-frame 35mm format cameras were popular widely, first appeared in 1967.
ROLLEICORD-Vb Popular TLR camera of RolleiCord series. This is the last model of its sereis.
ROLLEI-HISTORY Let's look at the history of Rollei TLR camera. Eighteen Rollei cameras are now up-loaded.
ROLLEI-ACCESSORY Various kinds of accessories are introduced here.
Rollei XF 35 Rollei's compact sized full-frame 35mm camera with a bright lens, Sonnar f2.3/40mm.
Rollei E110 Sister model of Rollei A110 that is one of the masterpiece of 110 cartridge camera.
RolleiFlex SLX 6 x 6cm format leaf-shutter AE SLR camera with built-in motor drive.
RolleiFlex 4 x 4 Compact sized 4 x 4cm RolleiFlex that uses 127 roll film.
RolleiFlex SL66 Rollei's first 6x6cm format SLR camera with unique mechanisims.
Icarex 35s The camera through collaboration of Zeiss-Ikon and Voigtlander.
vitessa Camera with unique features presented by Voigtlander in Germany in 1950.
Superb Unique and original 6 x 6cm format TLR camera manufactured by Voigtlander.
Voigtlander VF 101 Compact camera distributed by Rollei Werke under the name of Voigtlander.
Yashica YE Yashica's first 35mm rangefinder camera.
Yashica 16 Yashica's first 16mm camera.
Yashica Mat 124G Inexpensive but truely useful TLR camera with built-in meter, especially for beginners.
Contarex The world-first 35mm SLR camera incorporated with built-in celenium meter that coupled with shutter speed and aperture, manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.
Ikoflex Ia Zeiss-Ikon's TLR camera introduced in 1952.
Icarex 35s The camera through collaboration of Zeiss-Ikon and Voigtlander.
Box-Tengor King of box cameras manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon, Germany, featuring the earlier model of Box-Tengor.
Super Ikonta C Compact-sized 6 x 9cm format folding camera, manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.
Piccolette Vest Pocket Camera manufactured by Zeiss Ikon G.m.b.H.
Patent Etui Folding camera manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.
Werra Leaf-shutter camera with unique appearance and film winding mechanism, manufactured by Carl-Zeiss Jena.
Contina II 35mm folding camera manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.
Ikoflex I First 6x6cm TLR camera of Zeiss-Ikon.
Super VI Masterpiece of the 6x6cm folding camera of Zeiss-Ikon.
zenza Bronica
zenza BRONICA S2 6x6cm format SLR camera with focal plane shutter, having the high-quality mechanisms. Introduced in1965, by ZENZA BRONICA.
American-made camera
Graphic 35 American-made leaf-shutter camera with a unique focusing mechanism.
MERCURY 2 Half-frame 35mm focal-plane shutter camera that looks a little bit different from other cameras.
ANSCOFLEX2 Camera which embodies the "good 50's" of American design.
Stereo Realist The most famous stereoscopic camera in the world, manufactured in 1947 in the U.S.A.
Chinese-made camera
Syukou S-201 Chinese-made SLR camera with interchangeable lens & viewfinder systems.
French-made camera
Foca PF3 Refined rangefinder camera manufactured in France.
German-made camera
Noblex 135S 35mm panoramic camera that covers the view angle of 136 degrees.
Italian-made camera
Duplex Super 120 Italian-made compact stereoscopic camera using 120 roll film.
Gami 16 Italian-made high-quality 16mm camera.
Russian-made camera
Sorki 6 One of the most popular camera among the Leica-copy's, manufactured in Russia.
Fotosnaipar Russian-made rifle-like camera with the pistol grip and the 300mm telephoto lens.
Neoca 2s Rangefinder camera launched in 1955 by Neoca Co.,Ltd.
Cambo Wide 650 Handy large-format camera enabling a variety of camera movements.
Gelto 1 Vest-size format camera introduced in 1936 by Takahashi Optics.
View-Master Personal Unique camera that yeilds up 69 stereo pairs on 36 exposure 35mm film.
Proud Chrome Six II Both 6x6cm and 6x4.5cm format folding camera launched by Sumita Optics in 1951.
Stereo Mikroma II Light and compact 16mm stereoscopic camera.
Tsubasa Chrome Vest size camera introduced by Opto Chrome & Co.
Picny Compact and cute Vest-size camera manufactured by Miyagawa & Co.
Monte 35A 35mm lens-shutter camera introduced in 1953 by Shinsei Optical Works.
Waltz Envoy 35 35mm leaf-shutter camera manufactured by Waltz & Co., Japan.
Lacon C 35mm format compact camera manufactured in 1954 by Shinano Optical Co.,Ltd. Japan.
Beauty LM Fourth domestically made 35mm camera with built-in meter, by Taiyodo-Kouki.
Meikai EL Simple camera manufactured by Togodo, Japan.
Welmy VI 6 x 6cm folding camera manufactured by Taisei Kouki, Japan.
KING Sequence 8
model X-II
Instant camera which enables to expose a sequence of moves of a image in eight frames on a photograph.
620 roll film Way of substituting 120 roll film for 620 roll film.
Silvergelto Silvergelto of golden camera body, manufactured in Japan.
Petal The camera that has been recorded on the Guinness Book as the smallest camera in the world.
Arco 35 Automat Rangefinder camera which is able to focus as close as 35 cm.
Samoka 35 Super Popular 35mm camera in 1950's, manufactured by Samoka Camera Co.,Ltd.

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