Semi Minolta II was launched in Decenber, 1937, and since then, had been manufactured until 1943 through several changes. In 1943, the manufacture of the last model, Semi Minolta II8 was compelled to stop since the war situation got worse and worse in Japan.
The series was upgraded several times from the type II to the type II8, and belows are the features of the type II.
  1. The shutter release button is located on the camera top.
  2. The film counting window is located on the camera back.
  3. The frame counter is omitted on the camera. (This is for cutting down the manufacturing cost.)
And belows are several upgrades done from the type II to the type II8.
  1. The film counting windows are reduced from two to one.
  2. The body string is omitted.
  3. The gear for the spool is gotten thicker for easier loading.
  4. Both the viewfinder and the front cover open by one touch of the button.
  5. The rear cover opening mechanism is improved for easier opening.
  6. The artificail leather is used for covering the camera body.
  7. The camera body is die-casted out of alloyed aluminum.
  8. The camera body is finished in chrome plating.
  9. The lens' name is changed from Coronar Anastigmat Nippon to Coronar Nippon.
  10. The logo mark, "Molta" is disused.
In addition to this, the shutter cocking lever is added to Semi Minolta II8.

Well then, let's take a look at Semi Minolta II8.


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