Shifting the main product from rangefinder camera to SLR camera, Canon had been struggling to surpass Nikon.
While developing new technologies such as pelicle mirror realized and employed on Pelix QL, Canon had been planning a true flagship model, which, through a large amount of labor, came on the market in 1971 under the name of F-1, and at last Canon became equal to Nikon in the field of SLR camera.
From that time on, Canon have always incorporated the most advanced technology and been one of the most influential company worldwide.

Here, we introduce Canon's SLR cameras in chronological order.

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Canonflex RP

An upgrade version of Canonflex.

Canon EX EE

SLR camera that employs front group interchangeable system.

Canon F-1

The flagship model with a wide variety of system accessories.

Canon AE-1

Canon's big-hit model. Winder-A provides automatic winding mechanism and continuous shooting mode.

Canon New F-1

The successor to the flaghip model, F-1 with system accessories that provide shutter speed-priority AE, and several metering pattern.

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