It was Canonflex that Canon dealt with manufacturing 35mm focal-plane shutter SLR camera for the first time, which was in March, 1959.
Some of the major features of Canonflex was its high-quality structure and massive design of camera body.

Year after that, Canon introduced two more SLR cameras at the same time beside Canonflex, the one was Canonflex R2000 which was the deluxe version of Canonflex and equipped with the shutter speed of 1/2000sec. at the fastest, and the other was Canonflex RP, which is our featuring camera of this time.
Although Canonflex RP came in the market as the popular version of Canonflex, its performance was still high.
One of the features of Canonflex series is that, except Canonflex RM, they equipped with the film wind trigger at the base plate of the camera body.

First introduced in Sept. 1960.
Camera type : 35mm focal-plane shutter SLR camera
Picture size : 24 x 36mm
Lens : interchangable
Viewfinder : fixed pentaprism, eye-level
Exposure meter : selenium photocell
Shutter speeds : B, X, 1-1/1000sec.
Self-timer : lever
Flash sync contact : FP, X (automatic-switching sync contacts)
Film wind : camera-bottom trigger
Film rewind : crank


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