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Icarex 35 was launched in 1966 through the collaboration between Voigtlander and Zeiss-Ikon. It is said that there was capitol problem between them back then that they had to produce a camera together, and afterwards, they were united.
While the trademark "Zeiss-Ikon" is inprinted on the camera body (and for that reason, icarex tends to be thought Zeiss-Ikon's product), "Voigtlender" were inprinted on most of the lenses for the camera, and because of that, it is said that the camera had been manufactured in the Voigtlander's factory.
Back in 1966, Icarex 35 got a high reputation as the system camera whose finder was interchangeable.
There are four among the Icarex 35 series, and the camera we are going to introduce for this issue is Icarex 35 S. Comparing to Icarex 35, this camera is equipped with built-in TTL meter, and is not with interchangeable finder system. Since 1970, the camera employed praktica mount on the camera besides breech-lock mount (Alghouth this is regarded as bayonet mount on this), it has two kinds of lens mount. After that, either the letters of BM (bayonet mount) or TM (Screw-in mount) is inprinted on the camera body.

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