Nikon F was manufactured for 15 years from 1959 to 1974 and sold worldwide.
That fact shows that it is the product embodied the high growth of Japanese economy, for "Nikkei Shinbun" which is the newspaper focusing on economy reported its end.
We impress not only the number of 860,000 that Nikon F manufactured, but also the evolutions that Nikon F was improved variously until its end that the last one is totally different from the earlier.
In 1972, Nikon F made remarkable progress both construction and appearance, and it is called New F.
The construction of Nikon F is simple and rational that we can renew the camera body whenever we want.
We can use Nikon F for a longtime for its mechanical construction and also, Nikon is still providing the maintenance survice for it.

Viewfinder : interchangable
Self-timer : lever
Shutter speeds : T,B,1-1/1000 seconds
Film rewind : crank
Body size : 147x98x56mm
Body weight : approx. 685g


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