Since Leica A, Screw-mount Leica had gone through various improvements time after time, and this, Leica IIIG was the last model of them.
This camera adopted the bright-frame finder with a large-sized objective window and a small light intake window, and in this finder, there is a frame for 90mm lens (indicated with triangle-shaped picture at each corner) inside a frame for 50 mm lens, and also parallax is automatically corrected.
Although Leica IIIG was far beyond the other Screw-mount Leicas in performance, it was manufactured only for three years because Leica M3, MP and M2 were launched one after another then. For that point of view, it is said that Leica IIIG mediatetory model between Screw-mount Leica and M Leica.
There are two types of IIIG - the earlier model and the later model. On the later model, the higher shutter speed dial is plated on the surface so that it was easy to be found in a poor light.

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