Caddy is the first half-frame 35mm camera of Ricoh, and came on the market in 1961 which was one year and half after Olympus Pen was launched.
While the other half-frame 35mm cameras like Olympus Pen, Taron Chic and Petri Half were equipped with a 28mm or 30mm lens, Caddy employed a 25mm lens which was the widest lens on half-frame 35mm camera in those days.
Built-in selenium meter based on LV system was employed on the camera and all you have to do is to set light value, focus subject and release the shutter.
One other feature of this camera is that the rewind knob has to be popped up by turning the knob in the opposite direction to the arrow on it before the film is loaded.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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