We are going to feature Twin Lens Reflex Camera, Rolleicord Vb for this time. While Rolleicord Vb, introduced in 1962, is the one of the most popular camera among the TLR cameras now, Rolleicord series was originally launched in 1933 as the popular model of Rollei's high-class TLR camera, Rolleiflex, introduced in 1928, and the price of Rolleicord was half as much as that of Rolleiflex then. Although the cost of the Rolleicord had been lowered by the simplification of each structure of Rolleiflex, its series was improved step by step, and by the time Rolleicord Vb was produced, which was the last model of the series, it became no less functional than the Rolleiflex. There were various kinds of accessories available with Rollei cameras. As of Rolleicord series, there weren't many, for it was the popular model, but the adapter was developed for Va, which enables 4x4cm format photogaraph and 4x5.5cm format photograph with it (Rolleiflex series doesn't have this adapter), and after that interchangable forcusing screen structure was developed for Rolleicord Vb. This was for the first time among Rolleicord series. On that account, Rolleicord Vb got more popularity and the price of it got high compared to Rolleicord I. Well then, take a look at it.

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