Nikomat series were first launched in 1965 as a second camera for Nikon F.
It was then that Nikon won the worldwide trust through the success of Nikon F.
Although Nikon were manufacturing popular cameras such as Nikkorex series at that time, there were a big gap between them and Nikon F, and their performance were not enough as a second camera for Nikon F.
The birth of a second camera for Nikon F, with which users could easily step up to Nikon F, had been longed.
Thus, Nikon produced Nikomat FS and FT.
Nikomat FS was a simple mechanical structure without an exposure meter and Nikomat FT was a TTL camera by the averaged overall light reading.
After that, Nikon changed the light mertering system of Nikomat FT to the center-weighted light reading and improved the aperture setting system. Thorough these improvements, Nikomat FTN came to market in 1967.
With this camera, you can get all informations throught the viewfinder since the shutter speeds information was added in it. And other feature is that the flash synchronization is 1/125sec. by the vertical-run metal focal-plane shutter.

Nikomat Series

EL - Nikon used the electronic shutter with this camera for the first time. It took over most of the structure of FT and FTN, but around the cemera body was newly designed. TTL aperture-priority AE, shutter speeds are 4-1/1000sec. and film speed range is ISO 25-1600. ('72)

ELW - The automatic film winder was attached to EL. ('76)

FT2 - An upgrade of FTN. Design of pentaprism unit was changed and hot shoe was attached to it. Also two of flash sync contact (M, X) were put into one. ('75)

FT3 - The light metering system of FT2 was improved into AI system. The stopped-down-aperture metering with non AI lenses are also possible. ('77)

EL2 - The light metering system of ELW was improved into AI system. And the photo-electric element was changed Cds into SPD. Shutter speeds are 8-1/1000sec. and film speed range is ISO 12-3200. ('77)


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