In 1888, Eastman Kodak Co. had launched the world-first camera using the roll film - "The Kodak" and after that in 1895, "Pocket Kodak" that was also the world-first camera employed the film counting window.
What we are going to take a look at for this time is "No.3A FoldingBrownie" which was introduced in 1909, and was the third product of the company.

On top of the black-colored wooden box, the leather strap is fastened and the film wind key is at the right-hand side. And inside the camera body behind the front cover, the foldable lens is set. By the way, the black colored bellows was also available then beside the red one in the figure above. There is the T-B-I selector on the upper side of the lens and the aperture lever on the lower side of the lens. The distance scale and lever are on the rear side of the front cover. Focusing is made through this scale and lever. Also, the viewfinder is set up on the rear side of the front cover.
On the rear side of the camera body, the film counting window is at the upper side.
The film used for this camera is originally the 122 roll film. But unfortunately, it is not available now. So, you have to make the film for this camera by cutting out a sheet film and such.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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