The record says that the name of "Nikkor lens" was first registered in 1931 and the first product under the name of "Nikkor lens" was the lens for the aerial photography supplied for the army. In 1935, Nikkor lens was mounted for the first time on a camera named Hanse Canon manufactured by Canon.
Around 1950, many professionals began to use Nikkor lenses for their important photos, and which triggered off the name of Nikkor lens to spread out worldwide.

Nikon F mount was developed at the same time as Nikon F had been developed. It adopted a bayonet mount which decrease the time of changing the lens, and also a large mount which was compatible with a wider variety of interchangeable lenses. Since its start, Nikon F mount has not been changed in basic structures, which enables users to enjoy almost all kinds of Nikkor lenses from earlier one to the latest for their Nikon's.

There is a large variety of Nikkor lenses such as standard lenses, fisheye lenses, wide-angle lenses, ultra-telephoto lenses and zoom lenses and more available now.

This time, we are going to take a look at the Nikkor standard lens.


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