For this time, we are going to take a look at the Nikon's underwater camera, Nikonos V.
This is the camera does not require special housing in the water and durable to work to a depth of 50 meters (160 feet). And for that reason, this has been loved and used reguraly for a long time by a large number of people, specially divers.
The first Nikonos was launched in 1963, had been developed and manufactured based on the underwater camera developed by "Spirotech", an aqualung manufacturer in France. From then on, it got through several model changes, and Nikonos V was introduced in 1984.
Although we mentioned that Nikonos V is an underwater camera, this also can be used on the land and we would say it is suitable for things like a snapshot, for the shutter makes less noise than the normal SLR cameras.


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