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Minolta X-1 motor came on the market in 1976. This was the camera that motor drive was attached to Minolta X-1 which was launched three years before as the flagship of Minolta's camera.
Among Minolta's camera, Minolta X-1 was the first, and is the only camera that was equipped with the interchangeable veiwfinder system, and also the focusing screen was interchangeable on the camera. Needless to say, Minolta X-1 motor took over these.

Interchangeable finders are as follows :

Automatic Exposure finder S
(AE-S finder)
AE finder using silicon photo-diode which works well in the dark.
Professional finder
(P finder)
Pentaprism finder with no exposure meter
Waist-level finder
(W finder)
With this finder, the focusing screen can be seen from right above.
Equipped with 4.7x magnifier.
High-Magnification finder
(H finder)
The finder for minute focusing such as close-up photography or duplicating.
Equipped with 6.25x magnifier.
The motordrive has singular (S-mode) and continuous shooting mode (H-mode), and H-mode can be selected in 4 steps. It also automatically rewinds the film and stops after the film is rewinded up.

Now we don't think this camera is easy to handle becase its weight is too heavy (The battery pack for the motor drive needs ten AA type batteries!). But it was very expensive in those days and not many were distributed. For that reason, this is now popular among collectors


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