Since the first release in 1959, Nikon F had been improved step by step for 15 years without changing the basic structure and one of the most successful achivement that was applied to Nikon F was the interchangeable viewfinder with built-in meter that enables Nikon F to employ high-performance built-in meter without changing the body stucture including F mount, which hasn't been changed for forty years.

A wide variety of high-quality and high-performance Nikkor lenses and accessories advanced and widened the picture-taking capability that many professionals selected Nikon F for their jobs. In Tokyo Olympic held in 1964, Nikon F with motordrive or ultra-tele Nikkor lens took a very important role for that event.

Although the basic structure of Nikon F had not been changed, the apperance of it was changed in detail from around 1972 (Serial number from 730***) and that was called Nikon NewF (Right figure).

Well then, lets see the differences of them.


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