We are going to introduce you Mamiya C33 professional for this time.
Mamiya C series started with Mamiya C in 1957 and have such an unique feature for the 6x6 cm format twin-lens reflex camera that the lenses are interchangalbe.
Mamiya C33, first appeared in 1965, has self-cocking system for the first time within its series.
When you think of the twin-lens reflex camera, you might think it is rather a classic camera and not for a daily use, but not for Mamiya C33, for it has an interchangable lens system and also viewfinders are interchangable. Moreover, focucing by bellows extension, you can take a close-up photo with this camera while other twin-lens reflex camera are not good at close-up photo in general. The closest focusing distance is 58.4 cm with a standard lens (105mm/F3.5).
Now, let's take a look at it.

First manufactured in 1965
6x6 cm format twin-lens reflex camera with interchangable lens system
Film : 120 roll film (12 pits.) or 220 roll film (24 picts.)
Standard lens : Sekor 105mm/F3.5, interchangable
Shutter unit : Seiko MX, self-cocking system
speeds : B, 1-1/500 sec.
Parallax correction : indicated in viewfinder


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