Linhof has been manufacturing high-quality camera since 1903.
What we are going to feature for this time is Linhof technika 23, that is one of the perfections of Linhof's camera in its history.

Not like the cameras of this type, the function of viewfinder and rangefinder are united so that easy and quick operations are enabled on this camera. In this point of view, this camera is much superior than some of later models of Linhof that have only rangefinder and the viewfinder needs to be attached on the camera.
The rangefinder on this camera couples with three kinds of lenses, whose focal length is 65mm, 105mm and 180mm.
In terms of the camera movements, rising and falling, and drophead are enabled on this.
Other features are that revolving back is emplyed on this camera so that the composition can be easily changed from horizontally to vertically, and vice versa without moving the camera body itself, and also the bellows can be extended out three steps up to 30cm.

Usage of rangefinder Way of camera movements
(focusing through the focusing screen)

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