We are featuring ANSCOFLEX2 for this time.
When we first think of ANSCOFLEX, it is a high-class expensive camera.
But ANSCOFLEX "2" is not so compared with ANSCOFLEX, and also it has a unique and smart design.
Looking at the camera in front, you can find its unique shape that the square finder lens and the circle lens for pictures.
This camera expresses the "good 50's" of American design.

Now, let's take a look at it.

Body : pressed aluminum plate cover around plastic body
6x6 format twin-lens reflex camera
Shutter speeds : approx. 1/25sec.
Film format : 6x6cm, 620 roll film go to 620 roll film page
Body dimentions : H130xW85xD80mm
Body weight : 530g
including Y-1 filter, close-up lens
first sold in 1954


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