Rollei E110 was introduced in 1976 as a sister model of Rollei A110, which, was introduced in 1972, was said to be the one of the masterpiece of 110 cartridge cameras.

As one of the most high-quality 110 cartridge camera, Rollei A110, together with its beautiful camera-body disign and Carl-Zeiss Tessar lens, won a large popularity. And this, Rollei E110 has almost the same appearnace as Rollei A110, and the only difference that can be found at a first sight is the letter "A" or "E" printed on the camera front.

One of the feature of this camera is its compact size of 44 x 84 x 30mm, that is one of the smallest among 110 cartridge camera. Also, camera-body disign is still attractive even though it has been about twenty years from its start.
Body color on E110 was available only in silver (chrome-plate) although on A110 was in black and silver.
In addition, strap that was provided with E110 was made out of not leather but metal, and that matches well to the camera.

This camera adopts aperture-priority automatic exposure utilizing cadmium sulphide cell on light metering mechanism. The aperture is from 2.8 to 16 by three-step aperture switch and the shutter speed range is from 4 sec. to 1/250 sec. by electronically controlled shutter.
The lens on this camera is Tessar f2.3/23mm (three-group, four-element) that was manufactured by Rollei under the license of Carl-Zeiss.
In the bight-frame finder on this camera, a green signal is indicated, which shows a correct exposure and the battery remainings.
Film wind operation is by push-pull film wind, so there is no film wind lever on this camera.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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