In 1948, the historic 6 x 6 cm format focal-plane shutter SLR camera, "Hasselblad 1600F" whose highest shutter speed was at 1/1600 sec. was launched by Swedish camera manufacturer, Hasselblad. And five years after that which was in 1953, "Hasselblad 1000F", whose highest shutter speed was at 1/1000 sec. and the camera featured for this issue, came on the market.

While developing "1600F", Hasselblad decided to employ focal-plane shutter for "1600F" instead of leaf shutter because focal-plane shutter made it possible for a camera to have a higher shutter speed than leaf shutter. Therefore, "F" at the end of "1600" and "1000" stands for focal-plane shutter.
In addition, the lens applied to the Hasselblads was not the Carl-Zeiss lens, but Kodak lens in the beginning and a standard lens for them was "Kodak Ektar f2.8/80mm" then.

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