The camera that we introduce for this time is 6x6cm folding camera, Mamiya 6-IVB.
Mamiya 6 series is the first camera products of Mamiya-OP and one of the features of this series is that the camera takes back focusing system to focus. In the camera with back focusing system, focusing is done by back plate's to-and-fro movements while usual focusing is done by lens' to-and-fro movements.
Mamiya 6-I was introduced around 1940. It was soon well known as a high-quality camera and got popularity among the camera users. After that was introduced Mamiya 6-III, which had the flash sync contact and double-exposure prevention. And with accumulation of step-by-step improvements, Mamiya 6-IVB was introduced in 1955.
In addition, Olympus D-Zuiko lens is used on this camera.


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