Leica IIf is a popular model of Leica IIIf that the slower shutter is omitted on it, and had been manufactured between 1951 and 1956. The total number manufactured was 35,999. The serial number starts from No. 451001, and the last number is No. 822000.
The accessory shoe on the IIf is the popular type that the Ic and IIc employed as well.
There are three models of the IIf - the earlier model (S/N No.451001-No.575000 / total of 8,400), the mid model (S/N No.4611990-No.677500 / total of 12,100), and the later model (S/N No.677501-No.822000 / total of 15,499). The earlier model employs the black sync, and the mid model employs the red sync. On the later model, the highest shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. is enabled.
In addition, Ernst Leitz G.m.b.H had offered the service to build the slower shutter in the IIf in place of the rounded plate on the camera front.

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