In 1954, Kowa took a first step manufacturing camera with KalloFlex Automat, and two years after that, introduced its first 35mm camera, Kallo Wide.
Following those productions, Kallo Wide F and Kallo 35E was introduced successively.
The camera we are going to introduce for this time is Kallo 35F II, which came on the market in 1959. The overall structure of Kallo 35F II is almost as well as Kallo Wide F except f2/50mm lens. Other differences between them are as follows : A bright frame with parallax correction mark is inside the viewfinder. Built-in meter is omitted on Kallo 35F II from Kallo Wide. The film wind lever is shifted to the camera top.
This camera adopted the light value system which was popular at that time. With that system, the shutter speed and the aperture are coupled and the exposure value is always the same even if either one of them is changed. In addition to this, light value dial was added to the camera back for that system.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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