For this time, we introduce the stereoscopic camera for the first time.
Have you ever heard of the stereoscopic photography or Can you tell what the stereoscopic photography is? The answer might be "No".
In plain words, the stereoscopic photography is the 3-D photography.
The human beings percieve the object three dimensionally through his or her two eyes. The stereoscopic camera was developed based upon that theory. The camera has two lenses at camera front like we have two eyes in the face, and photographs the images through each lenses at one time. After all, two exposures come out by photographing once.
The equipment such as the stereoviewr or stereoscope is needed to see the stereoscopic photography three dimensionally, or, seeing the pistures crosswise or parallelwise might help you to see them three dimensionally.
Stereo Realist, that we are going to introduce here, is one of the most famous stereoscopic camera in the world, and now the standard size of the stereoscopic photography is even called "Realist size".


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