Canon 7 is the last rangefinder camera that Canon produced, and it was when the market for 35mm cameras was shifting to SLR cameras, and also Leica M3 was introduced then.
To struggle against these adversity, Canon also produced the ultra-fast F0.95/50mm lens for 7 and 7S whose built-in meter was changed to Cds meter.

One of the feature of this camera is its bright-frame finder.
Setting the dial above the eyepiece to the focal length of the lens in use (from 35mm to 135mm) gives the matching frame in the viewfinder. In other words, the full-size frame in the viewfinder when using the 35mm lens and the smallest frame in the center of the viewfinder when using the 135mm lens. These prevent from misframing.

Built-in meter is dual-range selenium meter for a bright light and a poor light.

Well, take a look at the usage of this camera.


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