Among SuperIkonta series - SuperIkonta A (6 x 4.5cm), SuperIkonta B (6 x 6cm) - manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon, Germany, we are going to take a look at SuperIkonta C (6 x 9cm) for this time.

SuperIkonta C, launched in 1934, had been very popular and manufactured for fifteen years till around 1959. In spite of its 6 x 9cm format, It can be folded into a compact size (92 x 160 x 42 mm.) so that it is easy to carry out for outdoor photography.

There are three types of serial number - 530, 531, 532 - depending on when it was produced, and "/2", that means 6 x 9 format, is put at the end of these serial number. What we use for this feature is the earlier model whose serial number type is 530***/2. ,Within its history, SuperIkonta C had undergone several improvements such as that flash sync contact, and double-exposure prevention were added.

One of the feature of this camera is that rangefinder on this couples with lens movements. Zeiss-Ikon overcome all the difficulties dealing wiht coupling lens movements with rangefinder on 6 x 9cm format camera by employing a wedge-shaped lens.
There is film counting window on the rear side of the camera which gives the exposure number printed on the film leading. This simplifies the camera mechanism and plays an important role to make the camera smaller.
In addition, although the picture format of this is 6 x 9cm, it is enabled to take 4.5 x 6cm picture by utilizing 4.5 x 6cm reel unit provided with SuperIkonta C.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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