This is the Russian-made camera named "Fotosnaipar" that gives you an enjoyable time shooting with it. Inside the camera bag in which one set of Fotosnaipar is stored, there are the camera body, the standard lens, the 300mm telephoto lens, five kinds of filters, the pistol grip and the shoulder pad.
The camera is "Zenit 122S" that has a built-in self-timer. The lens mount is Praktica mount. Shutter speeds are B, and 1/30 to 1/500sec. and the film speed range is from 16 to 640. The light metering mechanism is TTL stopped-down-aperture metering and the LED inside the viewfinder indicates either one of correct exposure, overexposure or underexposure.
The standard lens is MC Herios-44M-7, f2/58mm. The aperture range is from f2 to f16 and the closest focusing distance is 0.5m.
The telephoto lens is Tair-3S, f4.5/300mm. The aperture range is from f4.5 to f22 and the closest focusing distance is 3m. Five kinds of filters - UV, O, YG, Y1.4, Y1.2 - can be attached on this lens.
Now, attach the 300mm lens and the pistol grip to the camera. Locate a subject in the viewfinder and when you are ready, shoot!

Several kinds of the standard lens and the telephoto lens other than MC Herios-44M-7 and Tair-3S are provided:

Standard lens : Herios-44M-4, MC Herios-44M-4, Herios-44M-5, MC Herios-44M-5,
Herios-44M-6, MC Herios-44M-6, Herios-44M-7
Telephoto lens : MC Tair-3S

In addition, we also introduce the provious model of Fotosnaipar here. Basically, the contents of the set are the same: The camera is "Zenit-ES". The standard lens is Herios-44-2. The telephoto lens is Tair3-FS. Five kinds of filters, the pistol grip and the shoulder pad.
While the set of new Fotosnaipar is stored in the camera bag, the old one is stored in the metal trunk. Click here for more details.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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