This is the last model in the Canon's first SLR camera series (the first model of which was introduced in 1959).
The camera body's design was renewed on this model from the ones previously released that it employed the film wind lever instead of the film wind trigger, and incorporated built-in selenium exposure meter coupling with shutter dial for the first time.

Various new technologies were incorporated into Flex series, and one of them was the automatic diaphragm mechanism called "Super Canomatic".
This is what a sequence of aperture setting is made machanically that aperture is automatically set to a preset aperture value by winding the film, and then sectors in the lens starts setting to the preset by releasing the shutter. It was said that this mechanism works the fastest of all then. And the camera employs breech-lock mount instead of screw-in mount. And this after all provides a high optical accuracy since friction between the lens and the lens mount does not occur, and the lens mount isn't worn out.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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