Graphic 35, American-made 35mm format camera, was launched by Graflex which is the world famous manufacturer of the large format camera and Speed Graphic.
In the early '50s, Graflex had distributed not only the large format camera, but also 35mm format "Ciro 35" manufactuerd by Ciro Camera for the sake of meeting the needs of age. And it was 1955 when Graflex presented Graphic 35 as the successor to "Ciro 35".

As Graphic 35 succeeded to basic structure of Ciro 35, there were some unique mechanisms employed for the camera. One of them was the focusing mechanism that there were focusing buttons at both sides of the lens, and depressing each button moves the helicoid back and forth.
The gentle curve lines of the camera body, together with gray-colored leather covers with it, make its appearance refined and elegant.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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