For this time feature, we introduce you Box-Tengor box camera manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon. This camera is so famous that, when we speak of box cameras, this would be the first one that we think of.
The prototype of this camera appeared in the early 1920's and Goerz co. had manufactured this for the first few years, but then the Goerz were united into Zeiss-Ikon, and after that the Zeiss-Ikon had been manufacturing the camera, improving it step by step, for thirty-three years to 1954.
In those days, it was said that box cameras were for the beginners and for that reason, they were made out of low priced materials such as cardboard, tin plate, wood. But Among them, Box-Tengor was rather popular because of its elaborate structure and selected parts that Zeiss-Ikon used the lens Goerz Frontar for Box-Tengor, which gave clear and sharp pictures, and metalic plate for the camera body. Also, it equipped with the film pressure plate which kept the film flat.
(Goerz Frontar is the meniscus achromat lens that the crown glass and the flint glass are put together at each flat side.)


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