For this time, we introduce Retina Reflex S, manufactured from 1959 to 60 by Kodak AG in Germany. Speaking of Kodak, it had been originally established in U.S.A. and after that it bought up German camera manufacture, Nagel and established Kodak AG. Various cameras were manufactured there including Retinas and Retinettes. First Retina came in the market in 1934 as the folding camera that the lens can be folded inside the camera body, and after that came to Retinette series in 1939 as the popular version fo Retinas. It was 1956 when Kodak's first SLR camera, Retina Reflex was introduced, which had the front group interchangable system using the lenses called "C" series. And after three years of time, Retina Reflex S was introduced with interchangable lens system using the "S" series lenses. (The lens for Retina series began shifting "C" to "S" then, and for that reason, the front cover of Retinas were omitted from then on.) Shifting the lens to "S" series after all enriched the lens system of Reflex S. The lens available for Reflex S was Schneider's and Rodenstock's.


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