We feature Rollei35 for this time.

It was 1967 that Rollei35 enormously shocked us in Japan where half-frame 35mm format cameras were popular widely.
It surpassed half-frame 35mm format cameras in miniaturizing and the lightness and gave the way the 35mm format camera where to go.
For the first time we used this, we confused the arrangement of the dials on account of its miniaturized body, but and because of that, there is no room for play and moreover, we can feel it as the instrument highly sophisticated.
Now we know Rollei35 built its own value, for various type were presented for us after its birth.

Viewfinder : reverse-Galilean direct viewfinder
Lens : Tessar 40mmF3.5
Shutter speeds : B,2-1/500sec.
Body size : 99x68x42mm
Body weight : approx. 355g


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