Pentax Auto110 was launched as the 110 size camera, which enables to photograph in various situations in spite of its size wrapped it up easily with hands.
In the camera body, there are two sectors used not only the shutter but also the aperture, for no aperture unit on the lenses.
Supplementary lenses are sufficient as follows: standard lens, f2.8/24mm; wide lens, f2.8/18mm; tele lenses, f2.8/50mm and f2.8/70mm; zoom lens, f2.8/20-40mm. And also supplementary accessories as follows: flash, automatic film winder (also used as grip), lens hoods, filters, close-up lens, tripod-spacing unit for tele and zoom lenses.
In addition to this, Auto110 super, presented in 1983, epuipes with built-in electric self-timer and its forcusing screen is microprism.


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