The featuring camera for this time is a stereoscopic camera called View-Master Personal launched in 1952 by Sawyer's, Portland, Oregon in U.S.A. This camera is still popular there.
The viewer and the mount holder (the disk of 9cm in diameter) come with the camera make it possible to see stereoscopic image through a stereo pair on the film. Other stuff come with it are the film cutter and the projector. Later, a large number of the stereo softs were released for the set.
The lens is 25mm and fixed focus, and the shutter is guillotine shutter. On the top cover, there is the exposure scale which calculates the adequate shutter speed and aperture value by setting each condition of the film speed, weather, season and light condition of subject.
The 35mm film sold as 36 exposures will yeild up to 69 stereo pairs on this camera. The knob in the center of the camera front moves the lens up and down, and the images are exposed separately on the upper half of the film in the normal way, then lower half in the reverse way after the upper half is all exposed.

Well then, let's take a look at it.


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