Medium-Format Camera

Duplex Super 120

Italian-made compact stereoscopic camera using 120 roll film.

Ikoflex Ia

Zeiss-Ikon's TLR camera introduced in 1952.

Proud Chrome Six II

Both 6x6cm and 6x4.5cm format folding camera launched by Sumita Optics in 1951.

Semi Minolta II8

The last model in Semi Minolta II series, manufactured around 1942 - 1943.

Olympus Chrome IV-A

6x6/6x4.5cm format folding camera with rangefinder.

RolleiFlex SL66

Rollei's first 6x6cm format SLR camera with unique mechanisims.

Baby Sibyl

The first model among the Sibyl series manufactured by Newman & Guardia.

Hasselblad 1000F

The masterpiece of Hasselblad whose shutter speeds are stable from slow to the highest.


Vest Pocket Camera manufactured by Zeiss Ikon G.m.b.H.

No.3A FoldingBrownie

Kodak's folding camera introduced in 1909.

No.0 Graphic

High-quality box camera manufactured by Eastman Kodak Co.


Unique and original 6 x 6cm format TLR camera manufactured by Voigtlander.

RolleiFlex SLX

6 x 6cm format leaf-shutter AE SLR camera with built-in motor drive.

4 x 4

Compact sized 4 x 4cm RolleiFlex that uses 127 roll film.

Welmy VI

6 x 6cm folding camera manufactured by Taisei Kouki, Japan.

Autocord L

Minolta's standard TLR camera, with brilliant Rokkor lens.

Super Ikonta C

Compact-sized 6 x 9cm format folding camera, manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.

Plaubel 69W

6 x 9cm camera enabling camera movements.

Kowa Six series

6x6cm format leaf-shutter SLR, Kowa Six series and accessories.

Kowa Super 66

Last model of Kowa Six series and also this is Kowa's last camera.

Kowa Six MM

6x6cm leaf-shutter SLR camera with Mirror-up & Multiple-Exposure functions.

Yashica Mat 124G

Inexpensive but truely useful TLR camera with built-in meter, especially for beginners.

Linhof technika 23

One of the perfection models in Linhof's camera history.

Fujica GL690

6x9cm format rangefinder camera manufactured by Fujica, Japan.

Plaubel Makina II

Compact sized 6x9 cm format clap camera manufactured by Plaubel, Germany.

Mamiya Super 23

6x9 cm format press camera provided with various useful accessories.

Ricohflex Super

First Japan-made 6x6cm TLR camera adopted the front-element focusing system.


Highest-class 6x6cm leaf-shutter SLR camera, provided with wide varieties of Carl-Zeiss lens and accessories.

Super VI

Masterpiece of the 6x6cm folding camera of Zeiss-Ikon.

Ikoflex I

First 6x6cm TLR camera of Zeiss-Ikon.

Patent Etui

Folding camera manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.


First product by Mamiya-OP, the masterpiece of 6x6cm format camera with back focusing system.


Let's look at the history of Rollei TLR camera.
Eighteen Rollei cameras are now up-loaded.


Various kinds of accessories are introduced here.


Popular TLR camera of Rolleidord series. This is the last model of its sereis.

Horseman 970

Technical camera pursuing the all-around camera with various supplmentary systems.

zenza BRONICA S2

6x6cm format SLR camera with focal plane shutter, having the high-quality mechanisms. Introduced in1965, by ZENZA BRONICA.


King of box cameras manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon, Germany, featuring the earlier model of Box-Tengor.

Kowa SIX

First 6x6cm format leaf shutter SLR camera in Japan.


The only 6x6cm format twin-lens reflex camera in the world that has the interchangable lens system.


Camera which embodies the "good 50's" of American design.


Small size 6x9 format camera which Eastman Kodak Co. developed for military use.
The lens, Ektar100mm/f3.5 is excellent.

620 roll film

Way of substituting 120 roll film for 620 roll film.

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