Single-Lens Reflex Camera


The world-first 35mm SLR camera incorporated with built-in celenium meter that coupled with shutter speed and aperture, manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.

Kowaflex 35E

The second model in the Kowaflex series with the built-in selenium exposure meter.

Icarex 35s

The camera through collaboration of Zeiss-Ikon and Voigtlander.

OM-3 Ti

The latest model in the OM series, mechanical shutter camera and covered with titanium body.

Flex RM

The last model in the Canon's first SLR camera series.


The last model in OM-2 series that employs programmed AE mode.


A popular model in OM series with direct metering, and aperture-priority AE mode.


The second model in OM series incorporating TTL direct metering for the first time in the world.


Olympus' first SLR camera launched in 1972. Light & compact body realized on this.

New F-1

The successor to the F-1 with high-level system AE. Various lens & accessories newly provided for this.


Canon's SLR cameras are introduced here in chronological order.


System accessories for the New F-1 are introduced here.

LeicaFlex SL

Leica's second SLR camera that employs TTL metering.

Canon AE-1

Canon's big-hit model. Winder-A provides automatic winding mechanism and continuous shooting mode.

Syukou S-201

Chinese-made SLR camera with interchangeable lens & viewfinder systems.

Canon EX EE

SLR camera that employs front group interchangeable system.

Minolta X-1 motor

The flagship model of Minolta with motor drive.


Russian-made rifle-like camera with the pistol grip and the 300mm telephoto lens.

Pentax SV

Camera that had been a big seller for a long time on the domestic, and also world market.

Nikon F3 AF

Nikon's first AF SLR camera.

Nikon F & New F

History of Nikon F

Nikkor lens I

Standard lens

Nikkor lens II

Zoom lens

Nikon photomic FTN

Nikon F with photomic TN finder whose built-in meter couples with the shutter speed and the aperture.

Nikon F2

Perfection of the mechanical shutter 35mm SLR camera among Nikon F series.

Exakta VX

Camera with the film cutter fixed in the film room and the film can be cut by means of the cutter between photographing.

Nikon F3

One of the masterpiece of camera history. Camera body was designed by a world famous industrial designer, Girogetto Giugiaro.


SLR camera with interchangable S series lenses, introduced in 1959, by Kodak AG.

Canonflex RP

Popular version of Canonflex, which was the first SLR camera by Canon.

Miranda G

SLR camera with interchangable viewfinder and focusing screen systems.

Contaflex Super

Contaflex series' camera with AE mechanism.


SLR camera made by Zeiss-Ikon, another name is "Rapid".

Canon F1

High-quality camera that endures 100,000 picture-taking cycles, temperatures ranging from -30 C to 60 C, and 90% humidity.

Konica FTA

First camera in the world that equips with both automatic exposure and TTL metering.

Nikomat EL

Aperture-priority AE SLR camera and this is the first camera among the Nikon cameras that equips with the electric shutter.

Nikomat FTN

Best seller camera as the one excelled Nikon F in efficiency.

Nikon F

Masterpiece of single-lens reflex camera that was manufactured for 15 years from 1959 to 1974 and sold 860,000 worldwide.

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