Rangefinder Camera

Neoca 2s

Rangefinder camera launched in 1955 by Neoca Co.,Ltd.

Retina Ia

The first Retina that joined the party of the cameras with modern mechanisms.

Leica M2

Inexpensive version of M3. 35mm frame is employed on this camera for the first time in M-type Leicas

Konica IIB

Popular version of Konica II introduced in 1955.

Yashica YE

Yashica's first 35mm rangefinder camera.

Konica I

The first one among the Konica series that sold over 500,000 in ten years.

Tsubasa Chrome

Vest size camera introduced by Opto Chrome & Co.

Minolta A-2

One of the Minolta A series and the successor to Minolta Memo.

Yuniomat II

Rangefinder camera with built-in follow-the-needle type exposure meter. Sold in the U.S under the name of Anscoset II by Ansco.

Leica IIf

The popular version of Leica IIIf without the slower shutter.

Fujica 35M

The camera wiht unique design that allows you to operate it only with your right hand.

Leica M1

The simplified model of Leica M2 aiming the populalization of the Leica products.

Mamiya-35 III

The basic model of Mamiya-35 released in 1957.

Monte 35A

35mm lens-shutter camera introduced in 1953 by Shinsei Optical Works.

Waltz Envoy 35

35mm leaf-shutter camera manufactured by Waltz & Co., Japan.

Nikon S3

The base model of Nikon's rangefinder camera, SP, S3M and S4. Reproduced in 2000.

Graphic 35

American made leaf-shutter camera with a unique focusing mechanism.

Nikon SP

Flagship of Nikon's rangefinder cameras

Samoka 35 Super

Popular 35mm camera in 1950's, manufactured by Samoka Camera Co.,Ltd.

Konica 3

Rangefinder camera that employed the film wind lever on the camera front for the first time in Japan.

Sorki 6

One of the most popular camera among the Leica-copy's, manufactured in Soviet Union.

Foca PF3

Refined rangefinder camera manufactured in France.

Arco 35 Automat

Rangefinder camera which is able to focus as close as 35 cm.

Leica M3

Masterpiece and the historic camera of all.


Leaf-shutter camera with unique appearance and film winding mechanism, manufactured by Carl-Zeiss Jena.

Leica IIIG

Last model of Screw-mount Leicas, that has 50mm/90mm bright-frame in the viewfinder.

Beauty LM

Fourth domestically made 35mm camera with built-in meter, by Taiyodo-Kouki.

Kallo 35F II

Kowa's 35mm leaf-shutter camera. f2/50mm lens is attached to the base model, Kowa Kallo Wide.

Zeiss-Ikon Contina II

35mm folding camera manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.

Nikon S2

First Japan-made 35mm camera with interchangable lens system that employed the film wind lever and rewind crank.

Nikon S

First model of Nikon S series that made real debut on the international market.

Kowa SW

Camera with a simple but a stylish appearance. 28mm lens is fixed on this camera.

Argus C3

Rangefinder camera made in U.S.A. that has nicknames of "a lunch box" and "a brick".

Canon VI-T

Rangefinder camera manufactured by Canon inc. with film wind trigger at the camera bottom.

Canon 4Sb

Most sophisticated rangefinder camera of Canon.

Canon 7

Last rangefinder camera of Canon, and ultra-fast standard lens F0.95/50mm was developed for this camera.


Rangefinder camera with film wind trigger at the camera bottom.

Bolsey model B

Standard model of Bolsey 35 series, made in U.S.A.

Kodak SIGNET 40

Leaf-shutter camera introduced in 1956, as the SIGNET series.

Agfa Karat 36

German-made intermediate camera made of high-quality materials.


Half-frame 35mm focal-plane shutter camera that looks a little bit different from other cameras.

Retina 3c

One of the most popular camera among the Retina series even for now.


Camera with unique features presented by Voigtlander in Germany in 1950.

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