Compact Camera

RolleiFlex SL26

Cute-looking compact camera uses 126 cartridge film.

Gelto 1

Vest-size format camera introduced in 1936 by Takahashi Optics.

Olympus Pen FT

Upgrade version of world-first half-frame 35mm SLR camera, Olympus Pen F.

Ricoh Caddy

The first half-frame 35mm camera of Ricoh.

Rollei 35TE

One of the Rollei 35 series incorporates LED in the exposure meter.


Compact and cute Vest-size camera manufactured by Miyagawa & Co.

Rollei B35

The popular version of the big seller, Rollei 35.

Canon Demi

The half-frame 35mm camera with high function and performance.


The first popular-class camera released in 1961 by Canon.

Fujica Mini

Stylish half-frame 35mm EE camera developed targeting female users.

Lacon C

35mm format compact camera manufactured in 1954 by Shinano Optical Co.,Ltd. Japan.


Silvergelto of golden camera body, manufactured in Japan.

Fuji Pet 35

35mm format version of 6 x 6cm camera, "Fuji Pet".

Meikai EL

Simple camera manufactured by Togodo, Japan.

Voigtlander VF 101

Compact camera distributed by Rollei Werke under the name of Voigtlander.

Rollei XF 35

Rollei's compact sized full-frame 35mm camera with a bright lens, Sonnar f2.3/40mm.

Olympus Pen D

Half-sized 35mm camera with the fast lens. Upgrade version of Olympus Pen.


Half-frame 35mm camera of lovely design.

Olympus XA

The first 35mm camera of barrier-type in the world.

Rollei 35

Compact camera that gave an enormous shock in Japan where half-frame 35mm format cameras were popular widely, first appeared in 1967.

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