Miniature Camera

Stereo Mikroma II

Light and compact 16mm stereoscopic camera.

Yashica 16

Yashica's first 16mm camera.

Kiev 30 & Minolta 16

Minolta 16 and its copy camera, Kiev 30.

Gami 16

Italian-made high-quality 16mm camera.

Mamiya 16 Automatic

One of two standards (another is Konan 16 Automat) of 16mm camera in Japan.

Canon 110ED

Canon's high-quality 110 cartridge camera.


The camera that has been recorded on the Guinness Book as the smallest camera in the world.


Cute, compact sized 16mm format camera which was name after the japanese word "Steki" (Nice).

Rollei E110

Sister model of Rollei A110 that is one of the masterpiece of 110 cartridge camera.

Minox TLX

Flagship detective camera of Minox with a beautiful aluminum body cover.

Minolta 110 Zoom SLR mark 2

Upgrade version of 110 Zoom SLR. Looks like normal 35mm SLR camera.

Minolta 110 Zoom SLR

110 cartridge SLR camera with zoom lens.

Konan 16

First 16mm camera of Minolta.

Pentax Auto110

The smallest SLR camera in the world with sophisticated mechanisms.

Minox B

Detective camera made in West Germany, and first sold in 1958.

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