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Photograph with several TLR cameras

Here, we introduces the pictures taken with four TLRs.
The cameras used are as follows :
  • Seagull 4A-105 : Simple and popular TLR camera manufactured in China.
  • Lubitel 166U : Russian TLR camera manufactured by the company that made famous "LOMO" camera.
  • Ikoflex IIa : Legendary camera manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon.
  • RolleiFlex 2.8F : The king of the TLR camera.

And we also introduce the portraits with RolleiFlex 2.8F with Flash through MJ Accessory Shoe.
Please take a little time and look at them!

Lubitel 166U
RolleiFlex 2.8F with flash via MJ Accessory Shoe >>

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