Rolleiflex V
(Rolleiflex Automat MX)

Before we introduce Rolleiflex Automat MX, we mention a little about Rolleiflex Automat launched in 1937.
In R'cord Ia, which was in the market an year before R'flex Automat, the automatic film transportation mechansim were built and the number on the leading paper didn't have to be read except the first frame and only the first frame had to be seen through the film counting window at the camera bottom.
The appearance of R'flex Automat omitted even this read-the-first-frame procedure. This was because the new mechanism built in R'flex Automat called Automat film loading mechanism and this was epoch-making mechanism for the first time in the world. The film is transported to the first frame and stops automatically only by winding the crank. This is how it works: There are two rollers inside the film room. The leading paper is slided between those rollers before into take-up spool. After that the film is advanced as the crank is turned and before the film gets to the first frame, those rollers feels the thickness of the leading paper changes and stops the film transportation there. This is becase the film paper is adhered to the leading paper and the thickness of the film changes before the first frame.
The film counting window was omitted, for there is no need to be seen any more, and the double locks for the rear cover was replaced there.
After this model, with several improvements, Rolleiflex V (Rolleiflex Automat MX) was introduced in 1951. Flash syncs contact (M, X) was switichable on this camera.



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