Rolleiflex 2.8C (with Rollei Pentaprism attached on)

The first model of Rolleiflex 2.8 series was launched in 1949, and because of the fast lens on the camera, at F2.8 of the maximum lens opening, lens bayonet type II was newly designed.
Improvements on 2.8C from the former models were as follows: The baffle plate for the reflection was built in the camera body. The locks were added on the shutter release button, the aperture dial and the shutter dial. Multiple exposures were enable to be taken. Also, Rolleikin type C, which was the 35mm adapter, could be attached on the camera, and due to this, the camera had the built-in frame counter for the 35mm film.
Originally, the focusing hood of 2.8C was fixed on the camera body, but what we are introducing here had somehow reconstructed and the pentaprism was attached on. (with this camera, the fosucing hood is interchangable, but not for the normal 2.8C.)

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