Rolleiflex 2.8E

The basic mechanisms and the operasions of 2.8E were about same as 3.5E except that the largest aperture of 2.8E was changed to F2.8.
Around later 1950's, the cameras with the built-in meter had begun overwhelming rapidly in the market, and due to this trend, Rollei took their first step to put in the built-in meter with 2.8E and 3.5E. But not all of 2.8E and 3.5E were put in the built-in meter from the beginning, for it took time to change things.
For that reason, there were two types of them, the one has the built-in meter and the other doesn't, still which has the wiring for the built-in meter in case the user needs it.
The one in the pictures is the type that doesn't have the built-in meter.



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