Rolleiflex Original

Rolleiflex Original was the very first product of FRANKE & HEIDECKE, and was introduced in 1928.
FRANKE & HEIDECKE started its business manufacturing stereoscopic camera named "Heidoscope" or "Rolleidoscope" which had three lenses horizontally in order (View lens is at the middle and taking lenses at each side) at the camera front. But in those days, the camera market was shifting to the small-sized camera and the stereoscopic camera was getting in less demand. For that reason, FRANKE & HEIDECKE had to develop a new product besed on their experience and technical research accumulated through the stereoscopic camera, and also a new concept. Thus, three lenses at the front was lessen to two, the one for taking lens and the other for view lens, and they were arranged vertically at the camera front. Although TLR cameras were existed in the market before Rolleiflex, using a roll film for it was their unique achievement, which in fact came from the experience through the stereoscopic camera. Also, four spindles were used for the lens move, which enabled the lens move more precisely than other TLR cameras. Because of all these, Rolleiflex quickly got popularity with the public.
While the roll film that was used for R'flex Original was 117 roll film, it didn't get spread out more with the public than 120 roll film, and for that reason, R'flex Standard introduced in 1932 used 120 roll film.
There are two types of them, the one with Zeiss-Tessar F3.8/75mm, and the other with Zeiss-Tessar F4.5/75mm. What we introduce here is the one with Zeiss-Tessar F3.8/75mm.



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