Rollei Magic

An unique camera among Rollei TLR cameras, and its appearance looks a little bit different from others, doesn't it?
This was the world first TLR camera equipped with the automatic exposure mechanism, which simplifies the camera operation. All you have to do is focusing and releasing the shutter.
Two years after this model, Rollei Magic II was introduced, which the user could select either a manual operation or AE. Besides, the hot shoe was built on the side of the camera body, which also was for the first time within Rollei TLR cameras. Only Rollei Magic can directly attach the flash gun here. (Other models need the attachment adapter to use the flash gun. Refer to Rollei Accessories.) And the other feature is that the each dial between the lenses are for focusing and setting the exposure type.
Although it had the epoch-making mechanism, "First TLR camera with AE", it didn't get so much popularity, and manufacturing of it was stopped soon after Rollei Magic II was introduced.



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