As for stereoscopic cameras now, many of them are unfortunately not on the market, and it is hard to find some of them even in a big city. Among them, it is still easier to find and get "Stereo Realist" compared to others. So, we now take a brief look at how to operate it.

Put off the rear cover, and set the R-plate to "R" to free the sprocket located on the top middle in the camera body.
Rotate the sprocket with a finger so the white dot on it can be seen, and coinciding the "U" shaped hollow on top middle of the R-plate with the sprocket, set back the R-plate to "A". Then, insert the film cartridge.
Engage one end of perforations of the film with the sprocket. Here, the film has to be past under the film fixing plate located over the sprocket.
After that on the way passing the film toward the take-up spool, the sprocket stops rotating. The lock for the sprocket is released by depressing the film wind release button. So, depress the button, and at the same time pass the film to the take-up spool. When the film tip reaches the take-up spool, slide the tip into the slit of it, and then rotate it a little with a finger so the film rolls around it.
Finally, put back the rear cover on and lock it.

Turn the film wind knob till it stops. And after that, depress the film wind release button, and at the same time turn the film wind knob about a quarter. Here, the frame counter advances to the next. Then, let go of the film wind release button and turn the film wind knob till it stops. Do this procedure till the frame counter is set to "1".

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