First introduced in 1954, by Realist Inc., U.S.A.
Camera type : 35mm rangefinder leaf-shutter stereoscopinc camera
Film : 35mm film
Picture size : 23 x 24mm
Lens : f2.8/35mm
Shutter speeds : T, B, 1-1/200sec.
Focusing : back focusing system
Standard of the stereoscopic camera
Between 1920 and 1940, and also during 1950's in the U.S.A, there had been a boom in the stereoscopic camera and a large number of it was manufactured.
It was then that the American camera manufacturer, David White produced "Stereo Realist".
This is one of the most popular and famous stereoscopic camera in the world and its picture size of 23 x 24mm is now the standard size of the stereoscopic photography and called "Realist size".

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