Military Leicas

Among a large variety of Leica cameras, there are the models called "Military Leica".
These have been always the center of attention among Leica collectors. This is because that many of them were originally manufactured limited numbers, and what's more, not a few of them were lost during the war. Now, we can hardly find them on a second-hand camera market, and if you can by some chance, the price of them must be extremely high.

Ernst Leitz had started manufacturing the military camera since around 1930's.
In those days, there's no camera other than German-made cameras that could answer the tough requests (compact and handy, tough and less trouble, and high performance) from the military, and among those cameras, the Leica was the best for them. The first military Leica was Leica IIIa made for the German military.
The Leicas for military use had a mark indicating the military's possession and were finished in special color to distinguish them from the normal ones. Later on, many of contries such as the United kingdom, Sweden, Italy and the U.S.A employed the Leica for their militaries.
And yet, as the SLR camera had begun to be popular worldwide, those Leicas were disposed to civilian little by little.
They are the models called military Leicas and become collector's items today.

Leica M3 Olive

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