• Camera type : 4 x 5 in. format optical bench modular camera
  • Camera back : 4 x 5 in. format international standard, 2-way insert spring back
  • Lens panel : 140 x 140 mm.
  • Focusing : rack-and-pinion drive
  • Ground glass : 10mm grid-pattern screen. 6x7/6x9/6x12cm frames are provided.
    And index line and mark for camera movements provided in the center.
  • Frensnel lens : Option
  • Shortest flange-focal distance : 60mm (when in used of balloon bellows.)
  • Monorail length : 400 mm.
  • Tripod block : manual slide
  • Body dimensions : H325 x W245 x D420mm
  • Body weight : 4.5 kg.

High cost performance and satisfactory functions!

Horseman LE is a basic model of the L series. The body is the smallest and the weight is the lightest in the series, still it employs the L-shaped arm, quality lens and film axis tilt and rise, fall and shift mechanism.
This is the camera that satisfies you all.

Movements .....What's Movements?

  • Rise/fall : 30mm+30mm (rack and pinion)
  • Film plane rise : N/A
  • Lateral shift : 30mm+30mm (rack and pinion)
  • Swing : 360ก
  • Center tilt : 360ก

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