Koichi Kajino was born in 1947 in Shimane, Japan and grown up in Kyoto. He had been interested in photography since he was at school and learned photography by himself. He started his career as a photographer in 1970, and then studied photography art under Kunio Komatsuzaki who was a painter. In that same year, he started devoting himself to photograph nature. From 1990, he, together with photograph, started being engaged in poetry and writings and has been presented his works through various media.

1986 photograph collection - "Shikisai"
1987 photograph collection - "Image of France"
photograph collection - "Shikimusai"
1988 photograph collection - "Picture diary of California"
1989 photograph collection - "Shikikosai"
1992 photograph & poetry collection - "Holidays under a tree"
photograph & poetry collection - "Is it love or..."
1996 post card book - "Trees", "Flowers", "Fronce"
1997 post card book - "CherryBlossom"
1998 photograph collection - "Shikisai", published in pocket book
1999 post card library - "Feast of the Mediterranean",
"Grace of Mountains and the Sea"
2000 post card book - "Okinawa"

He was awarded from the seventh Kyoto modern photographer exhibition and the work for the exhibition was bought from Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

Selected Exhibiiton
Solo Exhibition at Cerbis Gallery in JR Osaka, Osaka, Japan

He is now a supervisor of Kajino Photograph laboratory, a member of Japan photographer society and Japan photograph art academy, and a part-time engagement instructor in the museum reserch laboratory at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.
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The whispering of trees

It's been about thirty years since I started taking pictures of nature's life.
For me, thirty years are long time, but I suppose they are just like a wink in the eternal time of nature.
Forests are big, deep, calm and endlessly rich.
Once I step in there, I can feel the comfortable rhythm of unflagging pulsaiton from the primitive age,
and vitality is filled with everything, even with a leaf of trees.
When spring comes, old trees, together with other trees, begin sprouting.
It is a supreme sight that green leaves growing on one of old trees,
upon which death is creeping up and will fall down, sway in the wind and glitter.
At this very moment, the old tree tells me at first hand that,
in nature's life, there is no intention;
all the things on nature is equal and company;
human beings are also a part of nature,
and besides that, the courage to return to the first intention whenever wanted regardless of age.
Since then, I wish to live my life as the old tree does,
and I intend to take pictures as naturally as possible.
And now what I am trying to do when taking pictures is
to feel the changes of trees before me and the air of the forest as I feels,
look through the viewfinder with the bare mind
and depress the shutter release button unconsiously.
I hope to convey the image which doesn't stop although it is cut out of nature,
that is the energy of circulating lives.
And I'd like to continue to take pictures in the rhythm of nature,
as a member of it and with it.
Thank you, nature. Thank you, old trees.

Koichi Kajino
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Frame : wood, plexiglass on front (manufactured by Yamamoto Co.,Ltd.)
Frame size : 257 x 318mm

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Although the print and frame are made for permanent preservation with great care, exposing it to the sun or presrving it in high temperature and humidity have bad influence on a surface of photographic paper.

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